Easter 2015 – The Power of His Resurrection

To really grasp the power of the Resurrection of Jesus, you have to understand the full price that He paid for all of us at the Cross. The painful agony that He experienced physically was beyond imagination, but the most painful thing for Him to experience was separation from God. For all of His eternal existence, this is something He had never experienced. This is why just moments before His death, the thing that was foremost in His thinking was not how excruciating the pain of the Cross was on Him physically, but rather why His Father had forsaken Him.

The truth is, He experienced separation spiritually from God so that we could experience being united and made one spiritually with God through a relationship with Jesus. The good news is that the story did not end with Him being eternally separated from God but He was raised to life and reunited with His Father. He then has made the way for all of humanity to be able to experience this wonder gift of new life in Him. That is the real power behind His Resurrection!