Fixing Us

Fixing Us – Part 4

Children add an interesting dynamic to your marriage and homelife. Learn how to enjoy your children but at the same time protect your marriage relationship with your spouse. This message is by Whitney and Heather George at Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK.  

Fixing Us – Part 2

It is only human to defend one’s self when we are attacked, insulted, or treated with disrespect. However, in our relationships, we must learn to choose our battles and then approach them in order to win. Learn how to do this in this message via video by Pastor Willie George at Church on the Move…

Fixing Us – Part 1

We live in a culture that parades love stories before us in a never-ending stream, convincing us to believe that happy and successful marriages are mainly about finding the right person… the soul-mate! If we’re that lucky, then we have a marriage that “was just meant to be”. For those of you have come to…