Student Ministries Day at Carowinds

The Student Ministry will be meeting at Carowinds at 9:15 for a full day at the park. Parents can drop off their students at the “Drop Off/Pick Up Lot” located on the left as you enter the main Carowinds Entrance off Carowinds Boulevard. Students who are able to drive may drive themselves to the park. There is a cost for parking so we suggest students carpooling if possible.  Parents may pick their students up at 6:30 pm at the “Drop Off/Pick Up Lot”. Daily admission tickets are $44.00 per person and do not include food and parking.

For additional ticket and park information, please visit

Please register online for free to let us know that you will be participating.

We hope to see you there!

For additional information or questions please contact our Student Ministries Leader, David Tindell at (704) 780-0361.