Football Sunday 2017

Football_Sunday_2017_-_Promo_long from SpringHill Church on Vimeo.

Football Sunday will be hosted by Benjamin and Kirsten Watson and it debuts in churches on February 5, 2017. It features stories by Anquan Boldin, Brandon and Michi Marshall, and D’Brickashaw and Kirsten Ferguson. There will also be appearances by players from the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

Invite your co-workers, friends, and neighbors to church to experience Football Sunday on February 5, 2017. This exciting presentation about the move of God in the lives of professional football players gives us a great opportunity to discuss Jesus in a way that’s relevant to our culture today. Even casual football fans celebrate football’s biggest game; let’s use the championship game day to show the unchurched what life in Christ can be like.

Also, come back Sunday Evening at 6:00 pm for our fun Super Bowl Party. We are asking everyone to bring tailgating food and we will watch the Big Game together.

Click HERE to let us know you will be coming to the Party and what you will bring.


Here are some samples of the stories you will hear from NFL players: